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Natural Interpretation – 2018 Art Show


Artist Statement

“Impermanence; the heart of Nature’s art.”

“Even mountains wear down into pebbles.”

“Make your eye-blink count for something.”

“Reverently, I look around and connect.”

 “I look up. Inspired, I begin.”

This show has gone through a metamorphosis since it’s inception. Originally planned as a two-person show, it became solo and had to be reshaped to fit. I won’t lie – it was a painful process. Borrowing from nature, adding in ‘found objects’ that hold my muse’s attention, and playing with the materials at hand, I finally found my artistic direction. What you see here is the final transformation.


We.” When this became a solo show, I was faced with a conundrum – how to explore multiple perspectives of the subject matter? The solution didn’t come to me right away, but when it did, it was obvious. I’d like to encourage visitors to the gallery to assist me with this concept. How? Read on.

The art assembled in this show has not only 2D and 3D components, but there is a written/language aspect to it as well. Every piece has a title and a ‘six-word story’ attached to it. I composed them during the process of creating the work, and they will tell you something about how I felt during the process or what the piece represents to me. Under each slideshow, you’ll find the corresponding titles, size, mediums used, as well as the unique, six-word story I assigned it.

Lino Cuts & Large Canvases

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Sun I – (5″ x 7″ lino cut) – “I hide, yet it burns me.”
Rain I – (5″ x 7″ lino cut) – “The smell of petrichore is magic.”
Island – (5″ x 7″ lino cut) – “Roots clung tightly while branches drank.”
Sun II – (3′ x 4′ acrylic on canvas) – “Green tendrils reached up for warmth.”
Rain II – (3′ x 4′ acrylic on canvas) – “The highland storm triggered floods below.”

The paintings are ‘one-of-a-kind’, no prints will be made. Lino prints are available.

Four Seasons, Four Paintings

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Winter – (24″ x 36″ acrylic, ink, on canvas) – “Dark nights that seemly devour days.”
Spring – (24″ x 36″ acrylic, ink, on canvas) – “No bugs, flowers showing, I rejoice.”
Summer – (24″ x 36″ acrylic, ink, on canvas) – “The light and garden revive me.”
Autumn – (24″ x 36″ acrylic, ink, on canvas) – “A chill night as sleep descends.”

These paintings are all ‘one-of-a-kind’ – no prints will be made


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Process – (human proportion – Resin, leaves, cheesecloth)
“Fury and angst concealed beneath paint.”
Breathe – (human proportion – Resin, moss)
“Something ancient stirs within. I relax.”
Age – (human proportion – Resin, flowers, leaves)
“Bare-faced, I show what’s inside me.”
Bee – (human proportion – Resin, wasp paper and abandoned nests)
“Ideas swarm, bringing back my insomnia.”
Shore – (human proportion – Resin, shells, driftwood, feather)
“Tide seals my footprints, leaves shells.”
Youth – (human proportion – Resin, birch bark, moss)
“I dance to the wind’s music.”

These are all ‘one-of-a-kind’ – there is no way to reproduce.

Six-Word Story Themed Posters

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All posters are 18″ x 24″ All photographs used are © J. I. Rogers – Prints available.

When art ‘speaks’ to you, it provokes a response, and it makes you think or feel something unique. Not everything will capture your attention this way and not every response will be positive, that’s why so many different forms of art exist. If anything in this room moves you, I encourage you to compose a six-word story about your experience and contribute to the “We.” Please leave your contributions in the comment section of this blog, or wherever you find this post.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the show. Have a fantastic summer.


J. I. Rogers

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