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is a multi-player on-line strategy game, where diplomacy, trade and conquest are the focus. There is no real-time combat.


A game lasting months, but with limited play per session. The goal is a play session of about 15 minutes once or twice per day. The idea is to limit the advantage of players who can remain in-game for long periods. During a session, a player may move their fleets, attack, build, trade and conduct diplomacy, but then must wait a period of time before the fleets can move again. Scoring is based mostly on a feudal hierarchy that encourages diplomacy. Warfare is not the prime intention, combat is a tool of diplomacy. Trade is a large part of the game. Assets are built from 12 minerals, some of which are not available on local stars. Conflict will be driven by the need to reach and control stars with rare resources.

 “StarLords3K is a deceptive game. On the surface it appears to be a turn-based strategy and tactics / management exercise in space. . . but don’t be fooled! As you gain experience in the mechanics, you discover it’s true multifaceted nature, and just how flexible you can be in play style. Whether you rely on elaborate diplomacy, or low cunning, this game has something engaging to offer you as a player. . .”

To learn more, visit the official website. . . logo_1021

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