Random Repartee

The Multi-Dimensional Ramifications of Neglecting Housework. . .

Eek! I looked up from the laptop today after confirming my company for tomorrow, and made a horrific discovery! The residence has accumulated more detritus than a stadium after the home team loses. How does this happen? I’m only writing a book, I work at the kitchen table and don’t use the rest of the house much. . . <looks over at the cat suspiciously. . . shakes head. . .>

I had no idea I had this much crap. . . Hey, wait a minute, I don’t. . . or didn’t before I started writing.

That raises the question of ‘where did it come from’? Dishes are piled like porcelain inuksuk, the laundry piles no longer quietly conspire with the used dish cloths and holey socks. . . they’ve selected a site to ally against the biped that created them; it’s in the hallway outside the bathroom. . . They’ve enlisted support from random pointy objects, and things that squish inappropriately between my toes. Gah! I need apprentices to attend to this. . . and a patron that will support me, and pay for my apprentices! Damn. . . a dust bunny the size of Manhattan is peeking at me from under the couch. . .  There is a slip of paper under it; a note! They are holding the vacuum for ransom again. . . Oops, that was a slip. Well, I should ‘fess up.

Yes, this has happened before.

This happens quite often when I’m involved in something creative. . . and I’ve thought about it long and hard. I’m not lazy, dirty or disorganized in my day to day but. . . my similarity to an absent minded scientist may go further than the fact that my hair defies style and gravity. It occurred to me, as I huddled on the one clean chair in my kitchen, that in expending all of this creative energy, I may have generated a rupture in time/space, and another dimension is venting into the area around me. . . I’m not kidding, I keep finding random artifacts, in places that . . . well, aren’t appropriate. I collect bits for art projects I’m working on, but these aren’t ones I’ve seen before. There is a strong possibility that is is two-way action as well. I seem to be losing things as these new articles appear. Case in point, I now have one butter knife, three spoons, two forks from a set that was designed to have eight of each. . . Maybe I’m going mad?


My vote is inter-dimensional phenomena.

Someone is having a chuckle at my expense. . .



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