Random Repartee

And Now For Something Not So Different. . .

Ever had one of those millenniums. . . You know the type I’m talking about; where you set something down and it disappears into that pocket dimension you tried to create last century? The experiment always appears to fail, but doesn’t on a quantum level. The results are there, outside the range of normal human vision, and you’ve unfortunately drawn them into your personal gravity. It hovers around you now, absorbing useful objects for a time, before ejecting them into random locations?

I’ll take this moment to offer everyone who suffers from this phenomena my heartfelt condolences. . . and this primal scream!


There! I feel better.

Well, the objects in question are things I need to work on a series of masks for the upcoming show. . . I’d show you pictures of what they look like, but thanks to this anomaly. . . I don’t have any! This will change. I have my imps working on the problem now.

Below, you’ll find a series of the fractal flames I plan to use in creating work for this show. . .

243a02fda58c05d0 564c0570b94b21d2 3428a930e36e9a7e9b214d8c425c9c79-ddyr3i 56876e6086d6f2ab Buffalo_Magic_by_Indelibly_Yours Flash_Point_by_Indelibly_Yours Kings_of_Old_by_Indelibly_Yours Wings_in_Motion_by_Indelibly_Yours Rare_Perfume_II_by_Indelibly_Yours The_Reef_by_Indelibly_Yours Written_on_the_Wind_by_Indelibly_YoursWell, that’s it for now – wish my imps luck, they may need it.



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