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Studio Update – The WIP

It’s coming together well, at least in my opinion. Not all of the elements have moved into the space yet, but there’s lots of room for the books and final supplies. I even have room to set up my old light table, from my animation days at Emily Carr.

Why am I posting this? This is new for me, and kind of exciting. This move has been completely different. I’ve never set my art / writing space up first, when I’ve moved in the past. I usually set up the bathroom and kitchen, then find some clean bedding and fall over for about six months. My work space was always allocated, but traditionally became a shrine to the gods of storage, and things that needed to be elsewhere. I’d eventually do something about it. . . after I’d lived at the location long enough to be moving. I have changed a major pattern in my life. Thanks to my sweetie, for making this possible.

Sharing the joy of the new, and functional studio, and my work in progress. . .

Cheers all,


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