Random Repartee

The Art Has Left The Building. . .

Well, it’s done.

I packed up my jumble of bits, paintings, illustrations, sculpture and digital pieces and took it down to the gallery to be hung. I trust them, they’re professionals. . . My work won’t suffer at their hands. I don’t really worry while creating the pieces, or knowing that people will see them, and potentially dislike them. Art is subjective, and I had a lot of fun getting things ready for this show. I’ve also had a lot of positive response to work in the past. . . Where I get hung up is in being in the public eye. Thankfully the gallery is playing host to three other artists, all of whom are talented, and have followings. I will show up, I will remain in place for several hours, and endeavour to be social.

You’re asking ‘Why did you sign up to do a solo show, if you hate having attention focused on you?’ I’m asking myself that question right now, but the brave part of me knows that I did it to push myself, and grow. It’s time.

Time for a bit more art. I’ll upload images from opening night, where you can see the rest, on October 3rd.

AutumnFrost900 FaerieStone900

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