Random Repartee

Welcome To November!

Hello Folks!

I’m trying something different today. . .

Opening Sequence (with fractal images scattered about):

Here Are Our Headlines (in no particular order):

– Moving – 50,000 Words – Art & Dragons – Getting In Shape – Blog Challenge –

Well, true to form, I’ve set myself a lot of goals this month. From extracting my stuff from the boxes piled in the dining room, to the 50k of NaNoWriMo, to gearing up for another art show, etc., etc., blah, blah, skip-to-the-end, and trying this. . .


Why not? It looks fun and I’m trapped at the keyboard anyway. The rules say you can post anything – which is great. My blog name is ‘Random Repartee’, so I’m going to live up to it this month. I promise that  I’ll try to make the experience as entertaining as possible. . . I may or may not succeed.

That is my disclaimer – note it now. No promises.

In regards to the NaNoWriMo challenge. Whee!

I’ve read a lot of blogs that are pro, and some that are against the concept. I write year round, and for me I look at it like another form of social media, that hands out useful prizes at the end. I’ve donated to the cause, and don’t regret it. Anything that encourages people to be creative, and flex their imaginations in a positive direction is good by me. My copies of both Scrivener, and Aeon Timeline were bought with the discount that I got for making my word count last year. This year, I have an agenda. I’m seeking creative people to chat, and share ideas with. I want a writer’s group and I’m looking everywhere for kindred spirits. It’ll happen, eventually.

Raven Steals The Light

Raven Steals The Light

In Other News:

Myriad-Myth Conceptions, my show that just ended went well. I sold a couple of items, and can keep the rest for next year’s World-Con in Spokane. Yes, there will be dragons there, to make up for their scandalous absence in October’s show. Life is good. I did fail miserably at the InkTober Challenge. I doodled, but my hugely ambitious plans were not realized. Ah well, there’s always next year.

Beckoning_by_Indelibly_YoursNow In Sports:

Yes, I did say something about getting in shape, didn’t I. Mhmm. Yes, I’ve been a sedentary creature for a couple of years and it shows. <pokes belly, giggles like the Pillsbury dough-girl>. I’ve promised to take myself out for daily walks, in the hopes of kick-starting the ol’ metabolism. It’s worked before. . . but I’m older now, and I have this suspicion that my body may be hep to that. I hope not.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd Over To Jenn, For the Weather. . . Jenn?

Thanks! Well, looking outside, I can see rain. It’s dark, and there’s rain. When the sun comes up, it’ll still be raining, and the snow line will have dropped significantly down the mountainside. Roughly translated, that means snow will arrive in the yard in the near future. It’s cold folks, so bundle up, and say goodbye to autumn if you live in the Northern hemisphere. If you don’t, and it’s nice and sunny, please confirm that the glowing orb in the sky does actually radiate heat.


Well, that’s it for now. Cheers all, and have a great day / night, where ever you are.


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