Random Repartee

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The featured image was taken in Alaska – It feels colder here than that image looks. Just thought I’d share the chill 😀

Well, NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo have concluded, and it’s time to focus on getting the new residence set up. Yes, last month I officially sold my place and moved in with my sweetie. Most of my belongings are still in boxes, piled high in inappropriate locations, waiting to fall on an unsuspecting passerby. Tomorrow, the boxes will shuffled. . .

In Other News:

  • NaNoWriMo was a success. I made the word count and generated a lot more content for the series I’m writing. The book is now in the edit ward, being treated for multiple injuries to grammar and prose.
  • I have another art show coming up in five days, so I have to focus on some sculpture for it.
  • There is a new, uber computer and artist tablet on the horizon, which means I get to re-work the layout of the studio, and tackle more projects 😀
  • This blog has had more views and people sign on to follow than I expected.Thank you everyone. ❤

I probably won’t be posting everyday for the next while, but I will still provide some content. I look forward to reading the posts that come up in my reader.

Cheers for now,


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