Random Repartee

The ‘New Year’s Resolution’, and Why I’m Not Buying Into It This Year.

Tempus Fugit



Anyone else ever notice that New Year’s Resolutions seldom work? I suspect it’s because they’re decisions we make while under duress. No contract, or confession is legally binding if it’s created / signed under duress. Why do we think that a commitment we make while we’re drunk, feel guilty, and in the company of others (in the same state) would count? It’s a guaranteed way to insure the goal’s failure.

Here are three typical Resolutions. . . I’ve even made them over the years.

I must lose weight.

I must get in shape.

I must perfect my. . . <insert your particular bugaboo here>.

Yep, I saw you rolling your eyes! You understand. 😀

I’ve decided to circumvent the discouragement of not seeing these aspirations manifest, and have elected to make 2015 a Resolution-Free year.

What the hell, Jenn?” You ask, Without the fabric of the resolution to hold you in a shame-based dynamic that modern media can feast on, and use to make you feel crappy about yourself. . . What will you do? The universe will come to a grinding halt? You’ll be a freak!

I should explain, before the Powers that Be, descend from their omniscient point-of-view, and cart me off as a heretic. I do plan to make changes, but the ones I make will take place (or unfold) at the point that I’m ready for them.

With that said, I bought my gym membership last month. I reorganized my studio space yesterday, and I’ll be thinning out my wardrobe of sweatshirts tomorrow. . . and it’s not even the New Year.


So, Happy New Year everyone, and begone, bogus collective ‘should-do’ consciousness. We’ll see what kind of shape I’m in on Dec 30th, 2015. I may even supply before and after photos! Good luck everyone, and have a fantastic 2015.

Cheers all,


More news coming soon: Novel Updates. . . New Art Toy. . . Renos. . . and more

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