Random Repartee

Playing With The Tablet

Hello, and welcome to February.

As is becoming the norm, I don’t have a lot of words for you today, just a couple of images.

The first is “Shard Ship”: A WIP . . . To be honest, it’s the first colour image I’ve produced on my new tech.
A different take on space travel – I needed a ship that matched the description below it:


” It was obviously a ship, but bore no resemblance to anything any of them had ever seen. Even in its translucent state, signs of its encounter with the Birlo vessel were everywhere. Along the mid-section, the crystalline structures were fractured or missing entirely, exposing a luminous haze within the ship.”

The second is just me tinkering around with some of my old fractals, as I get used to the brush / pen functions and figure out what does what does what.


That’s it for now.

Cheers all,


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