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Featured Writer: Susan Stuckey


Continuing on with my featured artists and writers concept, I present to you, Susan Stuckey.

Winner in the 2015 B&P Readers’ Choice Awards in the Fantasy Category!!


The cruel and ruthless Chorkan, servants of the Dark God, have one obstacle in their path to conquest: a young noble in the Kingdom of Kier, Prince Kaden. Pursued by enemies and friends alike, while under a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, Kaden seeks sanctuary with his old weapons master. He must find a missing princess, save his family, prevent a war and protect his kingdom, all while avoiding the executioner’s block.

Click book cover to purchase e-book on Amazon.

Website: http://susan-stuckey.storytellersinn.com/


Susan has retired from the ‘rat race’ and currently writes stories she would want to read. She has mainly written fantasy, but dabbles in other genres also.

Always an avid reader, Susan wrote her first fantasy story on an Apple 2E – and lost it when the computer died. She resumed her affair with writing when the “nest” emptied, and has continued writing (off and on–usually off) until the present day.

Susan is a proud mother of an active duty soldier.

Because, as her son tells her, she is ‘older than dirt’, her photos are in albums on shelves–not digital. (She knows she is way behind the times.)

I hope you enjoyed this. If there are any other artists or writers interested in a spotlight feature on my blog, feel free to contact me on facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/Mythspinner



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