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Facebook Connections – A Shameless Promotion of Others

 Featured Links: Indie Authors
Click on their avatars to discover their facebook pages . . . .

Ash Litton

Ash Litton

H. L. Burke

H. L. Burke

A. I. Stark

Cem Bilici

Cem Bilici

Belinda Ann Mellor

Belinda Ann Mellor

Aaron Fransen – The Syker Key

Angela B. Chrysler

Angela B. Chrysler

Susan Stuckey

Susan Stuckey

C.C. O'Hugh

C. C. O’Hugh

Why have I done this?

Because, I can. Each of the profiles I’ve linked, belong to people that interact regularly by making comments or promoting the community of indie writers at large. To me, these people are worthy of exposure.

There are a lot of time-sinks out there. I use a variety of social media sites, with varying degrees of competency, but I’m happy with the snail’s pace I set. In recent weeks, I’ve read a number of articles citing which places are good ‘marketing’, and which are a ‘waste of time’. I won’t deny that my twitter feed has a certain amount of self promotion, and I see a lot of posts doing the same. Part of me wonders if we aren’t just screaming buy my book to other authors who are yelling the same thing back. To me this isn’t a connection, it’s a sales pitch.

Do people manage to generate sales this way?

I don’t know. I worked in retail for over 20 years, and I found that hard-sell turns most people off; you might make a sale, but you lose a return customer. I know that I appreciate it when someone sends me a PM, or posts extra content. I want to interact, check out their fb page, and give their work a chance. Facebook has its flaws, but there is some merit in the ability to post more than 140 characters at a go. Please don’t think I’m knocking twitter; it’s good training for writing log-lines for my novels.

Enough rambling, what’s your point?

This blog post is linked to my fb pages, as well as my twitter account, tumblr and g+ presence. I did a quick head count on my ‘likes’, and have found that over 1,000 people have now connected with me. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’d like to thank everyone responsible.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the people who’ve not only liked my Mythspinner Studios, and J. I. Rogers – Author, facebook pages, but interact with me on a regular basis.

To those featured, enjoy the exposure.



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