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Does A.I. Dream of Electric Sheep?

Well, it’s been a while between posts. I’ve been busy writing (the first book, The Korpes File will be in the hands of my beta-readers in October), and I have two art shows coming up.

Today’s feature has to do with A.I. dreams . . . How A. I. responds to, or interprets images. I was fooling around online, and I found this site quite by accident. I remember seeing a short blurb on tv about this a few months ago, but then there was nothing more. I saw a few images that had been ‘interpreted’, and decided to play around with it.

Here are some of the results:

Here is the site: http://deepdreamgenerator.com/

It was an interesting way to spend a day.

Cheers all,


3 Responses to “Does A.I. Dream of Electric Sheep?”

  1. Sabiscuit

    Jenn, this was a fun way to explore AI dreams. I get the impression that an AI would do a lot of data shredding overnight while powered down, to free up space and I am hoping when data gets overwritten, it looks as colourful as this. x

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