Random Repartee

Slowly Emerging From The ‘Not-Cold’

Spot the “Selfie”

Hello all, sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, but I’ve had a ‘not-cold’, and it’s left me with the sleeping habits of a cat. I call it a ‘not-cold’ because it’s only emulating aspects of one. My sinuses plugged up, but no infection followed. I dealt with the resident sore throat with a hot honey, lemon, ginger mixture (or a shot of whiskey). This ‘not-cold’ wouldn’t be a problem at all if it weren’t for the sleeping part.

So sleepy . . .

I have a few projects mid-process, and they’re all frozen in time as I attempt to move this along.

So very sleepy . . .
To motivate myself, as well as provide fodder for this blog, I’ve decided to list them here.

The Author Site and Book:



I’ve updated the look of all of my Author Sites – Constructive input on the graphic elements is welcome.  I’m almost at the point where I can post something book-related at jirogers.com . . .. Almost.


Yes, I’m revising, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve discovered that I don’t have a problem editing; cutting scenes, dialogue, and repetitive elements feels a bit like therapy after NaNoWriMo. Now. I just need to type faster, so people other than those who visit me while I’m working can read it.

Art: Commission Work

I am currently working on a piece for a fellow author – Once it’s complete, and she’s given her thumbs up, I’ll post the image. I’ll offer up a one-word hint: Dragon

Art: Sculpture

The ‘not-cold’ cut into my time for creating things to go in our local Christmas Art Shop, so I didn’t get a chance to make any Dragon Ball ornaments.  This is a black / bronze one I did a couple of years ago, for my Sweetie, but I’ve made then in every colour.
With the gifting season upon us (how many festivals happen in December? A lot.), I usually stockpile these critters and hand them (and gargoyles, pixies, faeries, fat unicorns. . .) out to friends instead of something store-bought. This year, I may have to resort to alcohol, chocolate, and a hug.

Art: For Sale

For any people in the Revelstoke area who are interested, my entry in last month’s “Altars, Shrines and Curiosities” show is currently sitting in The Christmas Shop at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.


Title: Cedar Spirit House
Artist: J. I. Rogers
Concept: For the show Altars, Shrines and Curiosities, I wanted to create a distinctly North American version of the Eastern Spirit House. I discovered as I completed the main form that I couldn’t ignore my love of the mythological or Faerie worlds. The inscribing and spirals that adorn the outer shell are a personal tribute to those aspects. To accomplish the remainder of my vision, I not only sought recycled local materials for its construction but for the internal elements as well.
What emerged, is what you see here.

Asking price: $550 Canadian


With any luck, I’ll return to my normal, less-sleepy schedule soon.



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