Random Repartee

Distraction vs. Author – Part 1

Current Score: Distraction 1, Author 0
I bribed the ref and now the game’s into official ‘over-time’.


As most of you know, I set the dead-line for book two – beta, to be released by Aug 1. . . I didn’t succeed, but I have a reasonable list of excuses, honest! When asked why I’m behind, I alternate between the following:

1. Delightful Company dropped in and absorbed my attention with clever banter and food.

2. The voices in my head have been very active, insisting on re-writes and new sections. . . and new chapters. . . and. . . I. . . must. . . obey.

3. My ability to displace sleep with creativity seems to have been weakened by some unknown force. . .I’ll have to round up the dust-bunnies and search them for concealed ‘Naptonite’.

4. I’ve been researching the concept of ‘prone’ and ‘unconscious’ for the last weeks worth of evenings.

5. I have a blog! I can go to it and type random things and not work on either of my pressing projects (I have an art show coming up in October, and I need to get things together).

6. I’m moving at the end of the summer. . .

7. My lack of apprentices insures my tea mug is always empty, and my house is a mess. . . How can I focus in this environment. . . How can I create? Did I mention I need a indulgent and non-interfering patron?

You get the idea.

I don’t like missing deadlines, even those I impose on myself, and I had a beta-reader who’d been camping the dropbox folder waiting for book two. . . That’s thrilling actually, someone was waiting to read the second tome ~Thanks Scott!

All’s resolved though – I’m still typing, and he has a mostly complete copy to read now. Happy summer to you all!



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