Random Repartee

Fly No More

Documenting a life, lived. . .

In 2009, I found his remains on the roof of my shed. There were no signs of foul play, or window for him to have struck. As I prepared to move him, and find a more suitable resting spot, it occurred to me that this was a rare opportunity to study a robin at close range, and I took seven photographs.

He was laid to rest in my garden, within an hour of his discovery.

The next day, I noticed a female robin sitting on the fence close by. She watched the spot where he’d been, waiting for close to an hour before she’d fly off.

She came back every day for a week. repeating the same ritual. Even foot traffic on the path behind her didn’t scare her away for long.

On the eighth day, she didn’t return.

Since then, I have used these for reference in a number of illustrations, paintings and sculpture. They have been invaluable, and I’m reminded. . .

Life is fragile.

Cheers all,


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