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Random Abstract. . . One

If you’d asked my my least favourite form of art fifteen years ago, I would have said abstract without hesitation. I was cured of that when I discovered fractals, and spent five years creating them. Ever since that awakening, I’ve been finding them in both nature, and in urban settings. My favourite ones are the ones that appear organically, over time, through a series of seemingly unrelated, or unintentional actions.

The next few posts will document some of the abstracts I’ve managed to capture on film. Before you scroll down, what do you think it is?

Paintball Abstract

Paintball Abstract

The reveal: I worked on a paintball field for a few summers, and this was on the wall next to the repair area. I watched it grow and change over those years, and in my minds eye it became a ritualistic cave painting, a gateway into an alternate dimension, a nebula – giving birth to new stars, just to name a few things.

What does it suggest to you?

Cheers all,


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